Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The mise-en-scene is based in the suburban streets of America, following the stalking of teenagers by a mute serial killer that escaped from a mental institution. The event is based on the night of Halloween, which insinuates the killer as a real life 'boogeyman'. The majority of the film is set at night, in order to build suspense, but also the lighting mostly avoids showing the face of the killer until the end of the film in order to dismiss any features of the killer to suggest that he isn't human, but merely a shape. In terms of cinematography, there are a lot of close ups of the victims to allow the audience to observe their reactions to each event. The non diagetic track playing over the trailer is a simple ostinato on a piano, yet manages to be the largest contribution to the fear factor of this film, which was also stated by producers of the film. The editing of the shots brings together a chase scene that uses a series of cuts straight from the victim to the shape, each time of the shape getting closer before the trailer finishes, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger.

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