Tuesday, 15 November 2011

For my contents page, I have approached it with a different design to my front cover, this is because I want to create variety in the design and make it look more interesting and appealing for the audience.

In contrast to the front cover, I have used a more sophisticated colour scheme, linking in with the colour scheme of the school logo. I have also added my own version of the logo into the title to indicate what the contents of the magazine will be.

The two images that are included in this page have links to the context of the text in order to create meaning. These are surrounded by borders in the same colour scheme, to allow the audience to understand the sub-stories in the article that weren't represented on the front cover.

There is a simple portrayal of the text so the audience are aware of what will be in the article.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Here is the front cover for my magazine article. When working on the design of the cover, I wanted to have a simplistic colour scheme for the background in order to prevent it from looking frantic once I had included text and images.

The use of capitalised font for the front cover was to emphasize the context of each headline and intrigue the audience further, along with a range of different colours to improve the appearance and make it look more appealing to the audience.

I decided to include an image within one of the headlines to give the audience an insight into what could be included in the magazine, with a certain expansion to the story.

I wanted to create something that could be simplistic but also be enhanced with other factors excluding design: for example text and language; using things like puns and alliteration to increase the appeal.