Tuesday, 18 December 2012

This is my final design for my ancillary poster. I will soon post an analysis of this poster to look at the detail of my designs.

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Jamie is reflecting on her childhood to her therapist. She talks about the times her grandfather would tell her stories about how he was a medic in the war, and the story of how he was attending to a man who was bleeding to death, but had to leave him and deal with a group of men dying on the field – so the man bled to death. Before she was institutionalised, she researched and discovered that the man’s body was never found. These are what led to the night terrors that made her hallucinate and drove her insane.

The night terrors then change from being figments of her imagination, to real life when a killer fitting the description of the man in her dreams goes on a killing spree to find her.
Scene 1: Script
It’s a dark room in the middle of the night. There’s the sound of an erratic heartbeat. Jamie is sleeping, softly trembling and murmuring in her dreams. Sweat is pouring down her face, while it twitches as the sound of whispers overtake the voiceover that has been on since the scene fades in from darkness.
Jamie (voiceover):
 ‘They’re just stories’ they said. ‘Remember, it’s all in your head’
they said. Such empty words. Words that they expected would
help me. Now I’m too far gone, trying to decide whether I can
control whatever’s going on inside my head, because I need to
face the fear of knowing my dreams are real. Even though
others may not see it or believe it, he’s real. And I made him so.
Jamie jolts awake, with a startled look on her face. Immediately, she glares to the corner of the room, looking afraid but aware of what is going to on. Before she has a chance to gather herself, she is thrown into a spasm of fits and is then thrown off the bed by an unseen force. She is unable to even scream from writhing in pain. Suddenly, the pain goes away and she gets up and goes to the mirror; where she can see a flash of the killer behind her.
Blackout and silence.
Reflection on my blog

During this lesson, my blog was analyzed by another student in order to provide me with some feedback on the work that I have posted on my blog so far. Here are some of the notes that I have collected from spectators of my blog:

  • I have made good progress and provided detail in the mention of my influences for my horror trailer
  • I need to analyse more trailers for my research section
  • I have a good range of media forms
  • I need to post more entries on my blog
I am taking great consideration of this feedback because I think it is important to understand where I am in this project and how to keep organised and on track with updating my blog.