Monday, 13 May 2013

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The results of the open questionnaires were a good opportunity for me to understand from an outside perspective what the good and bad qualities of the trailer are. 
One of the things that was clear through the questionnaire results was the negative aspects of the acting quality in the film. 

There were a few comments on the scenes with the mother character because of it not fitting with the structure and fluent rhythm of the trailer. 

However, there were some really good comments about the sound and quality of some shots in trailer. The impact it had upon how scary the trailer is was made clear to the audience, which was one of my main goals when working out the technical codes in the planning stages. 

The majority of the audience responses in the open questionnaire was positive about the project and agreed that they would recommend the film to others and would go see it if it were in cinemas. This was useful as a review because some of these responses were from people who do not particularly enjoy horror as a film genre. 

Results of Closed Questionnaire

The results of the closed questionnaire showed positive feedback, which was very impressive but I was content with the honesty in peoples answers, stating that some of them did not like some of the aspects of the trailer. For example, the results showed that 3/5 people responded stating the quality of the footage was the least effective. This was a good chance for me to evaluate that there were some aspects of the trailer that weren't as effective as intended.


This a print screen of the event we made on a social networking site in order to gain an audience for our media screening. We felt this would be appropriate because it was a good way to contact a wide range of people who would be interested in media products and also to gain some peer reviews of our work.