Friday, 11 May 2012

How did you attract/address your audience?
Naomi Wolf (1991) projected the feminist view of the way women are represented in the media industry. She stated that the use of using an attractive female model on the cover of magazines can influences the reader’s outlook on their own lifestyle. By doing this, she agrees that this is a way of suppressing the idea of a patriarchal society and the dominance of women and allowing society to notice the strength women have. The concept of this is that the female readers will see the appeal of the female on the cover as a role model; someone to aspire themselves to be like: attractive and successful. Whereas male readers will observe it as a form of sex appeal. This is what I have used in my own magazine, in order to exploit the female gender in order to attract a larger audience.
The theory of Uses and Gratifications is being exploited in my work because the target audience are looking for a sense of identification in what they are reading. People tend to identify with articles in magazines because they feel it reflects aspects of their own life and that is what I am trying to achieve because the female on the front cover can act as a positive role model for others.

I think the audience needs to feel connected to my magazine because it adopts a genre of music they are interested in and they want to know more about what happens in this music industry and the artists and stories that catch their attention. In order to expand on the target audience, current readers may even discuss their interests found in this magazine with friends and this could influence them to become interested in this magazine also.

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