Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Scene Plans and Ideas

Scene 3 plan:

Location: Field

Concept: girl is to walk through the field barefoot, covered in blood and clothes ragged, expression vacant and face pale with dark circles and cuts

Shots: close up of face, feet, medium shot from the front and back of her,

Scene 4 plan:

Location: underpass

Concept: girl is to be walking through the tunnel

Shots:  camera is to follow her from behind to make it look like something is behind her

Scene 5 plan:

Location: bed

Concept: girl is screaming, very short clip

Shots: zooming close up

Scene 6 plan:

Location: Office

Concept: protagonist is being interview by her therapist, things get heated and she throws a fit and storms out

Shots: over the shoulder shot of both characters, close up of girl talking about dream

Scene 7 plan:

Location: kitchen

Concept: protagonist is arguing with her mother then the image changes to the killer but you audience can’t see him properly; therefore the girl goes to attack her mother.

Shots: over the shoulder shot, medium shot, shoulder shot

Scene 8 plan:

Location: field

Concept: sitting shaking and crying in the corner with tears in her eyes and then starts seeing flashing images

Shots: close up and extreme close up


End scene plan:

Location: hallway

Concept: girl is backed into a corner in the hallway and the killer is finally revealed in the trailer




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