Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Plan for Scene 2: Photograph

Narrative: the scene fades in from the blank screen after the end of scene 1. Jamie is looking through some old photo albums, when she comes across an old photograph that shows her grandmother as child, with the killer discreetly visible in the background standing in the window. Upon realizing this, she calls her father into the room, who looks at the photo, then crumples it up and storms out of the room.
The reason there is no speech in this scene is because I think it will clutter the trailer, when my intention is to avoid it from being too cluttered and for the audience to focus on the main aspects of the story line.

  • ·         extreme close up of the photograph to show the killer
  • ·         low angled shot of her looking at the photograph
  • ·         medium shot of the mother when asked a question
  • ·         high angled shot of Jamie
  • ·         over the shoulder shot of her

  • ·         daytime lighting
  • ·         possibly in either the kitchen or the living area

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