Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Nightmare on Elm Street: the reason for this film being one of our influences is the focus of the narrative; this is because of the concept that Freddie Krueger (killer) established the slaying of his victims in their dreams, making him a dangerous figment of the imagination, which is what we will incorporate into our trailer.

Friday the 13th:  This is one of our influences because of the idea that the killer is concealed by a mask and this dehumanises his character, which makes the film more intense because he is practically blank. This makes the film scarier for audiences because the less they know about the killer, the scarier he will appear.

Slender man: Slender man became one of our influences because of his appearance, being very blank and simple, which appealed to the concept of ‘less is more’. This is why our killer will be wearing a suit with his gas mask in order to prevent him from standing out too much and being excessively gruesome.

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